Sivota is a coastal village where green landscape meets the unique blue of the Ionian Sea. Known for its peaceful atmosphere, Sivota is ideal for laid-back travelers seeking an authentic Greek vacation. Split your time between exploring Sivota’s charming villages of Faskomilia, Argyrotopos and Polyneri, where there is an ancient castle and a cavern with beautiful stalactites, or relaxing on uncrowded beaches with stunning views and sparkling crystal water.


Come into a world of comfort and privacy, where sea meets the sky and where the beauty and crash of ocean waves lures you to the water. With a choice of beaches ranging from sandy and serene to pebbly and popular, you could make a game of exploring every different beach on offer during your stay. Pack up a picnic and find a secluded spot to get away from it all, or relax and unwind at a beach bar where refreshments of all kinds are easy to find. Spend your holiday exploring the many options for swimming and enjoying the sun – you will find it hard to choose a favorite spot!



Getting to Sivota Seascape Luxury Villas & Residences

Sivota Seascape Villas & Residences are located 5 km from Sivota village, on the beach of Agia Paraskevi.


By road


By ship

  • from Corfu, Patra and Italy to Igoumenitsa -24km


By plane

  • from Ioannina (IOA)-(90 km)
  • from Corfu (CFU)-(local ferries, 2 hours distance to Igoumenitsa -24 km)
  • from Preveza-Aktio (PCK)-(75 km)


Driving Directions to Sivota Seascape Villas & Residences:

From Sivota village, take the road to Perdika to reach the beach of Agia Paraskevi in 5 km.

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